PhD and RA positions in Luxembourg

Two PhD positions and one postdoc (RA) position are opening at the University of Luxembourg. The first PhD position is centered on comparing and improving the many security models for authenticated key establishment protocols. The second PhD position is focused on the precise security modelling of quantum key establishment protocols. The postdoc position involves the study of process equivalences to model the security of protocols employing weak secrets, such as voting and password based protocols.

Further details on these positions and their requirements are available at the following urls:

PhD 1:

PhD 2:


The research will be conducted at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) in the research group ApSIA (Applied Security and Information Assurance) headed by Prof. Dr. Peter Y.A Ryan. Contact Prof Ryan,, for more information.

The University offers highly competitive salaries and is an equal opportunity employer.

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