Fully funded PhD scholarship in LEM lab at Faculty of Computer and Inf. Science, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia / EU

***Fully funded PhD scholarship in LEM lab at Faculty of Computer
and Inf. Science, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia / EU***

-Call type:  Two phase call
-Deadline for the first  phase: April 25, 2015

We are looking for a  highly motivated PhD candidate with quality
references  and  experiences  in  the  below  areas  that  has  a
completed Bologna MSc degree (or  equivalent) to join our team in
the area of security and privacy research. The selected candidate
will  collaborate in  projects with  our partners  in the  EU and

The sub-areas covered are the following ones:

– Security  and privacy  in  networks  and distributed  systems
(from internet of  things to clouds)
– Security  and privacy in advanced  applications
(from  e-commerce to  social networks)
– Security and  privacy in  mobile and  wireless communications
– Crypto-protocols,   formal  methods,   models,  metrics   and
– Human factors modeling for security and privacy

The  exact area  of  PhD  research will  depend  on the  on-going
projects in the  lab and will be aligned with  the preferences of
the  prospective  candidate.  The selected  candidate  will  also
assist students in  lab  works (only 5 hrs/week),  will receive a
stipend of 900.- EUR / month (net). Taking into account the general
living  expenses  in  Slovenia  and  other factors these benefits
will enable good quality of life  to  the selected candidate.

Please  send your  CV (approx.  2 to  3 pages)  and at  least one
recommendation letter to this address:


The expected  start of the  announced position: End  of September

General  hints:   Candidates  outside   the  EU   (India,  China,
Brazil,…) should  take into account that  administrative issues
may take up  to two or three  months so they are  advised to plan

Web links:

UL ranks 168 according to Webometrics  and is among top 500 world
universities according to Shanghai ranking.

Prof. Dr. Denis Trcek
Faculty of Computer and Information Science
University of Ljubljana
Vecna pot 113
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia / EU

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