PhD Position: Schedulable Mixed-critical Multi-core Systems Design

Rigorous System Design team at Verimag research lab in Grenoble is recruiting a PhD student motivated for solving practical research problems of programming many-core systems while satisfying real-time constraints. We consider industrial case studies from avionics and spacecraft domains and target state-of-the-art multi-core platforms.

Though the real-time systems research offers efficient schedulability algorithms, their practical use encounters serious challenges:

  1. Lack of consolidation in programming
  2. Mixed-criticality
  3. Complexity of timing analysis

The first challenge concerns with the lack of formal development techniques for software-intensive systems with real-time constraints. Our work is based on an expressive formal programming and modeling framework BIP, providing refinement, code generation and verification of functional and timing properties for embedded systems. The PhD candidate is expected to develop BIP runtimes and code generation tools for multi-cores, extending our previous work in [1].

The next primary challenge is mixed criticality. The traditional static safety-critical scheduling has to be extended by mixed-critical scheduling, which re-shapes the schedulability analyses in a non-trivial way. The candidate is expected to extend our scheduling algorithms and tools [2] to take into account a set of multi-core platform constraints and evaluate them in different application case studies.

The last but not the least, the conservative timing analysis is a challenging problem, involving two major aspects: the execution time uncertainty in multi-path programs and on cache/bus/network interference between different tasks. The candidate is expected to adapt our statistical model-checking techniques [3] to the analysis of execution times and interferences in real-time multi-core systems.

Our research lab is located in the Grenoble area, one of the world’s most prominent research and technology areas, hosting researchers from all over the world, but also known for its tourism attractions due to nearby spa, ski, alpinism, and other facilities in the heart of the picturesque French Rhône-Alps.

The interested candidates are invited to contact:

Prof. Dr. Saddek Bensalem, University of Grenoble Alpes:

Dr. Marius Bozga, CNRS:


[1] A Timed-automata based Middleware for Time-critical Multi-core Applications. D. Socci, P. Poplavko, P. Bourgos, S. Bensalem and M. Bozga, In Proc. SEUS‑2015.

[2] Multiprocessor Scheduling of Precedence-constrained Mixed-Critical Jobs. D. Socci, P. Poplavko, S. Bensalem, M. Bozga.  In Proc. ISORC-2015.

[3] Building Faithful High-level Models and Performance Evaluation of Manycore Embedded Systems. A. Nouri, M. Bozga, A. Molnos, A. Legay and S. Bensalem. In Proc. MEMOCODE-2014.

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